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Direct Commander — helps you manage when you have a lot of ads

The Direct Commander app installs on your computer and allows you to set up ads for Yandex.Direct independently.

You don't need to wait for pages to load. — Even if you have a lot of ads, you can manage all your data efficiently.

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All data is at your fingertips

Your campaigns and ads are readily accessible. You can switch between panels and lists as well as find data that you need in just a few clicks.

Quick search

Even if you have a lot of campaigns and ads, Commander will help you quickly find what you need: campaigns, ads, keyword phrases, negative keywords, and и bids.

Simple editing

Find and sort out everything you want to make changes to.  Then use the mass-editing function to change all selected bids, texts, or keyword phrases in one or several campaigns.

Clients in order

Managing client accounts and campaigns is easy: the convenient«branch layout» in the Client's panel «» makes it impossible to mix things up.

Upload from non-standard formats

Use data in CSV or XLS formats or simply from clipboard to quickly upload a framework for your future campaign.